Baby Shower Diaper Cakes

Baby's 1st Holidays
& Seasonal
Diaper Cake

If you are searching for that
Special Theme or Holiday
Diaper Cake Design
And don't see it here,
Please ask me!

My Creations are very popular
And I am always designing
New and unique diaper cakes.

Winnie the Pooh
Christmas Themed

2 Tier Diaper Cake
Pooh Christmas Diaper Cake
Disney Baby Diaper Cake

Baby's First Valentine
3 Tier Diaper Cake

Valentine Diaper Cake
Neutral Baby Gift

My First Holiday
Baby Bibs 3 Tier Diaper Cake


Holiday Themed Diaper Cake

Neutral Baby Gift

LiL Pumpkin
2 Tier Diaper Cake
Lil Pumpkin Diaper Cake
Baby Girl Diaper Cake

Baby's First Easter
3 Tier Diaper Cake
Baby's First Easter Diaper Cake
Neutral Baby Gift

3 Tier Diaper Cake

Christmas Diaper Cake
Neutral Baby Gift

Neutral Gender Themed Diaper Cakes For Any Baby Shower Include: Safari Jungle,
Harley Davidson, Got Milk?, Snoopy, Noah's Ark, Natural Organic Cotton, Irish Shamrock, Teddy Bears,
Cow Barn Yard Animals, Twins, John Deere, Frog, Ducks, Sesame Street, Bugs Bunny, Looney Tunes,
Teddy Bears, Under the Sea, CAT Equipment, Shrek, Beach Themed

Harley Davidson Diaper Cake: A motorcycle lover's delight. A custom made diaper cake for you baby shower!
Natural Organic Cotton Diaper Cakes Are made of Natural Organic Cotton Products and Organic Diapers. Make sure your baby is Earth friendly with these Green diaper cakes!

Tubby Time!: Useful Bathtime items and towels for baby's bath.
Bathtime Themed Diaper Cakes can also be designed using baby towels to make a Baby Towel Cake.
Safari Jungle Diaper Cakes are very popular and most requested. A wonderful baby shower centerpiece!
Barnyard/Farm/Cow Theme: Custom diaper cake accented with cows, ducks, pigs, or other Farm Animals.
Days of the Week Bibs: Features 7 Bibs embroidered with all
Seven Days of the Week...a unique cake with very unique baby items.

Teddy Bear Diaper Bear: A Perfect Trendy Unique Baby Gift made of diapers in the shaped of a teddy bear.
Add your special theme to the baby bib!
Days of the Week Onesies: Another unique diaper cake featuring Seven Onesies with all
7 Days of the Week Embroidered of a kind!
Nursery Rhyme Baby Cake: Ring around the Rosie a pocket full of posie, or
Polka Dot Diaper Cakes are another unique and trendy baby theme.

A Star is Born Diaper Cake: A Unique Custom Made to Match a Nursery's Theme.
Celebrate Baby's First Christmas with a Diaper Cake filled with many 1st Christmas baby items.
Safari Jungle Diaper Cakes are the most popular of all neutral themed cakes for any Baby Shower Party.

Custom Embroidery Diaper Cakes: Have your baby shower cakes designed with customized embroidered baby items.
These cake gifts include personalized bibs, onesies, baby blankets, baby socks and caps.
Have any of my baby cake products personalized or embroidered with your
Bbaby's name, birth announcement and theme!
A wonderful way to specialize your baby shower cakes or baby gift baskets.

Custom Unique Elegant Diaper Cakesare designed in various cake tier sizes for many themed baby showers.
Have your shower cake designed with your special theme and specific budget in mind.

Don't give the Mommy-To-Be a gift wrapped box,
Instead give her something she will ALWAYS remember!

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