Baby Shower Diaper Cakes

Custom Order Your Very Own
Special Diaper Cake
or Baby Gift!

You Decide on a Special Theme, Tier Size as well as
Your Own Budget and I will Custom Design You a Diaper Cake
or Unique Baby Shower Gift!

My Custom Diaper Cake creations are my true pride and joy,
And where my real creativity shines!
It Would Be an Honor to Create Something Very Special
For You and for the New Little One!

If there is another special baby product other than a diaper cake
That you would like to have custom designed to match
Your theme & colors, please ask!

Personalized Baby Gift Idea

Please enter any information regarding your
request in the form below.
A more detailed list of what you will receive on your diaper cake
Will be sent to you in your response email from me.

When you choose to order a Custom Designed
Diaper Cake or Baby Gift,
a special purchasing invoice will be sent to your email address.
The invoice comes by way of PayPal, but you don't
need to have a PayPal account.
The invoice gives your various choices of payment options
and it provides my mailing information if you choose to pay
with Money Order or Personal Check.
(Payment is Due Prior to Shipping and
Before Any Embroidery is Completed)

Don't forget to add
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Go to your Spam/Junk Folder.
If you don't receive an email from me
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Request Your Special Theme!
Please Feel Free to Telephone
or Email Me Anytime!
Thank You, Nancy

Custom Diaper Cake Request

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Theme Request/Nursery Theme:

Your Budget:

Product Request: (Cake, Wreath, Cupcakes...):

The Date You Need Your Cake/Gift By:

*If Time Permits, Embroidery with the Baby's Name
Can Be Included on the Baby Bib

Phone number:
(If you would like for me to call you personally to talk about your order)

What City/State is the Diaper Cake/Gift Going To?
(For Shipping Purposes)

Additional Requests, Budget Information or Questions:

Samples of Custom Ordered Diaper Cakes
Please View Many More of My Designs in Any One of my

Photo Galleries

Make sure you visit any of my Photo Gallery pages, whether you need a cake for a boy, girl or neutral.
You will find many themes there in which you can reference from. 
You will see the word "Custom" next to the photo.
This will let you know that that particular diaper cake was designed for my customer and their theme & budget.
If you see something I designed for a baby girl and would like it for
a baby boy/neutral or vise versa, please be sure to ask.
I will design your cake to meet your special requests.

Dakota Embroidered Diaper Cake  Grayson Embroidered Diaper Cake

Kiss Me I'm Irish! Diaper Cake  Zoey Winnie the Pooh Embroidered Diaper Cake

Custom Embroidery Diaper Cakes: Have your baby shower cakes designed with customized embroidered baby items.
These cake gifts include personalized bibs, onesies, baby blankets, baby socks and caps.
Have any of my baby cake products personalized or embroidered with your baby's name, birth announcement and theme!
A wonderful way to specialize your baby shower cakes or baby gift baskets.

Custom Unique Elegant Diaper Cakes are designed in various cake tier sizes for \many themed baby showers.
Have your shower cake designed with your special theme and specific budget in mind.

Don't give the Mommy-To-Be a gift wrapped box,
Instead give her something she will ALWAYS remember!

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