Baby Shower Diaper Cakes

Mini Cupcakes
Diaper Cupcakes
& Baby Cakes

These adorable diaper cakes
are a cute addition to your
baby shower decorations,
table centerpieces...
makes a great little gift to give
to your someone special!

All Photos that you see are
previously designed samples.
Any design can be made to
match YOUR theme!

No Request is too small,
so please ask!

Yankees Mini Cupcakes

For More Samples of my
Diaper Cupcakes,
please check out my

Photo Gallery

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Towel Cake

Towel Cake Favors

Individually Wrapped Mini
Diaper Cupcakes

Mini Diaper Cupcakes

Great for Baby Shower Table Decorations Or A Unique Great Gift!!!
Choose to have your Cupcakes in Sets of 6 or Individually Wrapped.

Each Mini Cupcake consists of:
1 Pampers Swaddlers Diaper, 1 Themed Cupcake Topper
and is the approximate size of an actual edible cupcake.

Mini Cupcake Theme Topper Choices Include:
Ladybugs, John Deere, CAT Construction, Butterflies, Cowboy Western, Bumble Bees, Frogs,
Sailboat/Nautical, Barnyard Farm Animals, Transportation (Train, Truck, Planes & Boat), Princess,
Hello Kitty, Disney (Winnie the Pooh--Mickey & Friends), Sweet Pea, Under the Sea,
It's a Boy, It's a Girl, Dinosaurs, Pirates, Fireman/Police, Safari Jungle Animals, Neutral Baby,
All Sports (Football, Baseball, Basketball etc.), NFL/Pro Sports, College Teams and Much More!

If you don't see your theme listed, please ask!

View my Cupcakes Photo Gallery for
Examples of my Mini Diaper Cupcakes

Packaged Sets of
Mini Diaper Cupcakes

Mini Diaper Cupcakes

Mini Cupcakes are the
Perfect Little Addition For
Your Baby Shower Gift
or as a Table Centerpiece...
Even to Use as Shower Favors!

These Mini Cupcake are the size of
an actual edible cupcake.

You Will Receive a 6 Piece Set
of Mini Diaper Cupcakes,
Nestled Inside a Cupcake Container.
Each Package Contains:
6 Pampers Swaddlers
(Size 1-2 , up to 15 lbs)
1 Reusable Themed Cupcake Topper,
Decorative Shred for Icing
1 Cupcake Liner
(Liners will be either a solid color,
white or themed pattern design,
depending upon your theme)

Mini Diaper Cupcakes

Choose from Quantities of
6, 12, 18 or 24.
(Larger Quantities are available as well)

Individually Wrapped
Mini Diaper Cupcakes

Polka Dot Theme Baby Shower

Diaper Cupcake Favors

You May Also Choose to Have Your Mini
Diaper Cupcakes Individually Wrapped.

Each Wrapped Mini Cupcake comes nestled
inside a clear cello bag with decorative ribbon.

Your Cupcake will include:
1 Pampers Swaddlers
(Size 1-2 , up to 15 lbs)
1 Reusable Themed Cupcake Topper,
Decorative Shred for Icing & a Cupcake Liner
(Cupcake liners will be either a solid color,
white or themed liner, depending upon your theme)

Individually Wrapped Mini Diaper Cupcakes
$1.50 Each

Individually Wrapped Quantities of
50 & Higher are $1.35 each.

Email Me for Special Pricing

Baby Love Diaper Cupcakes

These are great for baby shower table centerpieces or for small special baby gifts!
These are designed with your special theme in mind.

Each Small Diaper Cupcake consists of 12-15 Pampers Swaddlers Diapers,
Decorative Themed Wood Embellishment/Ribbon and topped off
with Decorative Shred, Flowers and Ribbon.

They are approximately a little bigger in size of the top tier layer of a
traditional 3 tier diaper cake (6" diameter & 4"high)

Please Email me with your special requests,
or add a note at the END of your Checkout process

Cupcakes Photo Gallery

Diaper Cupcakes
These are great for baby shower table centerpieces
or for small special baby gifts!

5 Great Styles to Choose From!

Each Cupcake Consists of:
12-15 Pampers Swadllers Diapers
And Your Choice of Decorative Embellishment,
Specialty Cake Topper or Flower
& Colored Shred To Match
Your Color Scheme or Theme.

These photos are just a few Samples of some
of the many Designs I have made.

Please See My
Photo Gallery for More Photos.

Choose Your Diaper Cupcake

Specify Colors or Theme Design
During Your Checkout Process,
Email Me or Call Me Directly

Floral Diaper Cupcakes $8 each
Baby Girl Diaper Cupcakes

New Baby Items
Personalized Diaper Cupcakes $10 & $11
Personalized Diaper Cupcake Centerpieces

Each Personalized Diaper Cupcake is designed just like
our other Diaper Cupcakes...except that they feature
a personalized embellishment to the front and back. 
Personalization can be designed with any
theme, color and message you would like.

(Enter Any Personalization Requests at the
END of Your Checkout Process or by Email)

Wooden Embellishment
Diaper Cupcakes

$9 Each

Safari Diaper Cupcakes

Washcloth Lollipop
Diaper Cupcakes

$9 each

Washcloth Lollipop Diaper Cupcakes for Baby Showers

Baby Sock Diaper Cupcakes
$9 each

Small Diaper Cupcakes

Floral Cupcakes:
Coordinating Ribbon & Flowers
Sock Cupcakes: Coordinating
Ribbon & 1 Baby Washcloth
& 2 Pairs of Socks
Wooden Embellishment Cupcakes:
Coordinating Themed Ribbon
& Matching Wooden Embellishment
of Your Theme (Many Available)
Choices of Wood,
so Please Ask for Your Theme!
Washcloth Lollipop:
Color Coodinating Ribbons
& 2 Washcloth & Utensil Lollipops

Large Diaper Cupcakes

Large Diaper Cupcakes are designed
similar to my regular sized diaper cupcakes,
they are approximately double in size.
(The size of a dinner plate or the middle tier
of a 3-tier diaper cake)

Includes: 25-30 Pampers Swaddlers Diapers
and measures about 10" in diameter.

Priced from $12.95 to $16.95 Each

Available Selections are:
Floral, Wooden Embellishment, Washcloth Lollipop
& Baby Sock Cupcakes.

You Can Add Your Special Color Requests/Theme
During the Checkout Process or by Email

Choose Your Large Diaper Cupcake

Large Wooden Embellishment
Diaper Cupcake

Large Beach Themed Cupcake Centerpiece

Large Floral Diaper Cupcake

Diaper Cupcakes for Baby Showers

Large 2 Tiered Diaper Cake
Baby Shower Centerpieces

Each Diaper Cake Centerpiece Can Be Designed
with Your Special Colors & Theme in Mind!

Each Cake is $28 and Includes:

Approximatley 40-45 Pampers Swaddlers Diapers
1-Floral Cake Topper
and Designed with Specialty Ribbons,
Bows & Embellishments
to Match Your Theme/Colors
(Measures Approx. 10"W x 10"H)

Click Here for More Photos of Samples

You Can Add Your Special Color Requests/Theme
at the End of the Checkout Process or by Email

Diaper Cake Centerpiece

Baby Shower Table Centerpieces

(Sample of Baby Shower
Centerpiece Diaper Cake
Designed with Special Theme)

Perfect for Any Size Table

Mini Cupcakes and Diaper Cupcakes are a wonderful new baby gift or baby shower gift to
Ggive to the new Mommy to be! Baby Shower Diaper Cupcakes are made out of diapers and
form the shape of real cupcakes. Each diaper cupcake comes with a themed cupcake pick and
decorated with colored shred as icing. Each mini cupcake is also decorated with matching and
coordinating ribbon to match your theme or color scheme.
Large Diaper Cupcakes are a style of a small 1-Tier diaper cake.
Basically the size of the middle tier on a standard 3-Tier diaper cake.
A wonderful table centerpiece for a baby shower or baby gift.
These may also be designed with your special theme in mind.

There are many wonderful exciting baby gifts that a new mommy to be would love.
Why not try a Mini Cupcakes or Diaper Cupcakes!

These items can include Baby Bouquets, Wire Baby Carriages, Diaper Bears, Diaper Castles
Baby Shower Diaper Cupcakes and Large Diaper Cupcakes.

Custom Embroidery Diaper Cakes: Have your baby shower cakes designed with customized embroidered baby items.
These cake gifts include personalized bibs, onesies, baby blankets, baby socks and caps.
Have any of my baby cake products personalized or embroidered with your
Baby's name, birth announcement and theme!
A wonderful way to specialize your baby shower cakes or baby gift baskets.

Custom Unique Elegant Diaper Cakes are designed in various cake tier sizes for many themed baby showers.
Have your shower cake designed with your special theme and specific budget in mind.
Don't give the Mommy-To-Be a gift wrapped box,
Instead give her something she will ALWAYS remember!

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