Baby Shower Diaper Cakes

Baby Shower Table Centerpieces

All My Baby Products Make for Great Baby Shower Gifts
to Welcome the New Baby Home & also are Perfect
Decorations for Table Centerpieces


Please Be Sure to Visit My Page for Diaper Creations.
They are also perfect for table decorations as well.

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Large 2-Tier
Diaper Cake

Baby Shower Centerpieces

Each Diaper Cake Centerpiece Can Be Designed
with Your Special Colors & Theme in Mind!


Each Cake Includes:
Approximatley 40-45
Pampers Swaddlers Diapers
1-Floral Cake Topper
& Designed with Specialty Ribbons,
Bows & Embellishments to
Match Your Theme/Colors
(Measures Approx. 9-10"W x 9-10"H)

You can Add your Special
Color Requests/Theme during
the Checkout process or by Email

2-Tier Diaper Cake
Table Centerpieces

Perfect for Any Size Table
Baby Shower Table Centerpieces

Diaper Cake Centerpieces

Click on Above for Photo Album of
Baby Shower Centerpiece Diaper Cakes

New Baby Items
Baby Shower Ribbon
Topiary Centerpiece

A Perfect Baby Shower
Table Centerpiece for Any Size Table

Decorative Ribbon Centerpieces  
Measures Approx. 15-16" High
Diameter of Ribbon Ball is Approx. 6" wide
(Larger Sized 10" Ball Diameters are
available upon request for $25 )

Each Topiary is $20 and is Designed with
Many Styles of Different
Colored Ribbons to Match Your Color Scheme.
If you happen to have a special theme
for your shower or party, that specific themed
ribbon can be added to its design.

Each Topiary Centerpiece includes
a metal base bucket.
Buckets vary in colors & styles but they
will match your color theme.
This centerpiece is great for
tying balloons to it as well as adding favors
to the bucket area.

Please Specify Your Special
Color Requests either at the END of
your checkout process or by Email.

Washcloth Lollipop
Bouquets or
Table Centerpiece
Baby Gift

Baby Shower Table Centerpieces

Washcloth Lollipop Bouquet Includes:
5- Assorted Colored Baby Sized
Washcloth Lollipops
(Colors of Lollipops based on
Your Color Choice for the Bouquet)
Various Decorative Flowers & Shred
Matching Your Color Theme
1- Decorative 6" Glass Vase
(Various Vases Available 2- 3" Wide)
1-Recipe Card

The Above Photo is Just a Sample. Your Bouquet
Would be Designed with Your Special
Color Scheme or Theme Request

$8.50 Each

Choose Your Lollipop Bouquet Color

Washcloth Lollipop
Diaper Bouquet

Table Centerpiece Baby Gift
Diaper Bouquet 
Measures Approx. 8"w x 14" H

A Perfect Baby Shower Table Centerpiece
for Any Size Table

Choose Your Diaper Bouquet

Click Here for More Photos of Samples

Diaper Bouquet

Washcloth Lollipop Diaper Bouquet:
10 Pampers Swaddlers Diapers
(Size 1-2, up to 15 lbs.)
8 Washcloth Lollipops
(Colors mathing your Theme)
1-Decorative 10" Glass Vase
1-Recipe Card

These Special Diaper Bouquets are Designed Exclusively
by  Nancy at Baby Love Diaper Cakes.
  If you see any of my designs or photos of my Bouquets
on any other website, rest assure, they are not
offering you the exact perfect bouquet!

New Baby Items
Diaper Bouquet Centerpiece

Diaper Bouquets
Available in Any Color!

$35 Each
($30 Each for Orders of 9 & higher)

Please Email Me for Details

My Newest Creation!

Perfect for Any Baby Gift
or Baby Shower Table Centerpiece

Your Bouquet Can Be
Designed to Match Your
Baby Shower Color or Theme!

Each Bouquet Includes:
25-30 Pampers Swaddlers Diapers
(Size 1-2, up to 15lbs.)
10-15 Colored Baby Washcloths
1-Decorative Reusable 8" Glass Vase
and Decorated with Matching Colored
or Specialty Ribbon
to Match Your Theme & Colors

Please Specify Color Request at the end of
your Checkout Process or may email me directly.

Diaper Bouquet Centerpieces

Diaper Butterflies

Diaper Butterflies

Choose from 2 Sizes: Small and Large

Each Butterfly is Decorated with
Colored Tulle and Ribbon.
No Glue or Tape Has Been
Used To Make These Butterflies, So
They Are Completely Usable
Once They Are Disassembled.

Diaper Butterflies are Custom Hand Made
with Your Special Color Scheme.
Have them designed with any
colors of your choosing.

Please Specify Colors either during your
checkout process or by emailing me directly

Small Diaper Butterflies Include:
1-Pampers Swaddlers Diaper
(Size 1-2, up to 15 lbs) & 1-Baby Washcloth

$1.99 each

Diaper Butterfly

Large Diaper Butterflies Include:
2-Pampers Swaddlers Diapers
(Size 1-2, up to 15 lbs) & 1-Baby Washcloth

$2.99 each

Diaper Butterflies

Towel Cake Centerpieces
For Baby Showers

A Great Table Centerpiece
to Give Away to Your Guest

Baby Shower Towel Cake

Towel Cakes Include the Following:
2- White Washcloths
2- White Hand Towels
2-Custom Personalized
Nugget Sized Hershey Candies
to Adorn the Top of the Cake
(Custom Message of Your Choice)
Decorative Shred, Embellishments &
Ribbons to Match Your Theme

Towel Cake Measures Approx. 6"W x 8"H
Each Cake Comes Beautifully
Wrapped and Ready to Give!

The Above Photo is Just a Sample!
Your Cake will be Designed with Your Special
Colors and Theme in Mind!

$12.50 Each

Choose Your Small Towel Cake

Washcloth Lollipop
Butterflies $2.95

Washcloth Lollipop Butterfly Favors

Each Washcloth Lollipop Butterfly
Includes the Following:

1-Baby Spoon Utensil by Take 'n Toss
2-Colored Baby Sized Washcloths
Includes ribbon and pom poms
to enhance your color scheme!

Butterfly Washcloth Lollipops

Custom Embroidery Diaper Cakes: Have your cake filled with hand embroidered baby items.
These custom items include personalized baby bibs, onesies, blankets, baby socks and baby caps.
Have anything personalized embroidered with your baby's name or last name and theme!
A wonderful way to specialize your baby shower diaper cake or baby gifts.
Custom Unique Diaper Cakes are designed in various tier sizes and many themes.
Have your diaper cake custom designed with your special theme and specific budget in mind.
Don't give Mommy to be a gift wrapped box,
instead give her something she will always remember!
Baby Floral Bouquets are a unique baby shower gift filled with many baby items and baby socks designed to
look like rose buds. They are an excellent idea to use as table centerpieces for baby showers.
These can also be custom embroidered to your nursery or unique baby shower party theme.
Washcloth Lollipops: Wonderful Baby Shower Favors to give to your guests to say thank you or even use these
to include with your baby gift basket or or add to the Wishing Well.
Washcloth Candy: Wonderful Baby Shower Favors to place as a centerpiece table, to give out as thank
you favors or to add to the Wishing Well or your Newborn Baby Gift Basket.
Mini Cupcakes: A great new baby gift idea to display as table centerpieces.
Add these to your diaper cake table at the baby shower party!
Why not try a Baby Shower Gift Basket instead of a diaper cake...
All gift baskets are filled with many of the same
baby items and great theme ideas that a diaper cake has to offer.
There are many wonderful exciting baby gifts that a new mommy to be would love.
Why not try a Diaper Castle, Mini Cupcakes, a 1 Tier Cupcakes, a Baby Floral Bouquet...

Baby Shower Table Centerpieces are a great additive to your baby shower decorations.
I offer special packages that showcase many baby products and baby gifts.
Many packages offer one of each baby product: diaper cake, diaper wreath,
Baby bouquet, washcloth lollipops and more!

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