Baby Shower Diaper Cakes

Custom Personalized Embroidery

Don't Forget to Add the "WOW" Factor to Your Special Baby Gift
by Including Custom Embroidered Baby Items!

Add an Embroidered Item to Your Diaper Cake, Diaper Wreath,
Diaper Castle, Diaper Bear or Motorcycle. You can even purchase
Custom Embroidery to add onto your other purchased baby gifts
You have at home for the Baby Shower Party!

The New Parents will Never Forget the Special Touch of Adding
Their Little Bundle of Joy's Name to your Baby Shower Gift...
a Special Keepsake to be Remembered for Years to Come!

Please Take the Time to Visit My Embroidery Photo Gallery for Many Samples of
Various Designs that Have Been Embroidered for Previous Customers.
These are just a few of the hundreds that have been embroidered.

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.Personalized Diaper Cakes     Personalized Diaper Cakes

Pricing for Baby Gift Embroidery
Baby Burp Cloth: $13.00
Baby Bib: $13.00
Baby Onesie: $15.00
Baby Blanket: $18.00
Gift Set #1 (Burp Cloth & Bib): $23.00
Gift Set #2 (Baby Bib & Onesie): $26.00
Gift Set #3 (Bib, Blanket & Onesie): $40.00
Deluxe Set (All Baby Items-Burp Cloth, Bib, Onesie & Blanket): $55.00

Custom Baby Embroidery

Names for Embroidery
Colors or Theme

Mommy-to-Be Baby Shower Sash

Mommy to Be Baby Shower Sash

Have a Custom Embroidered Sash Made for Your Special Mommy-to-Be!
Each Sash is Made of White Material and Can Be Embroidered
with Your Special Message in Whichever Color You Choose.  Each Sash
is Adorned with Matching Colored Ribbons with Embellishment

The Above Photo Shows a Sample in Lilac Purple with
the Mommy's Name and Shower Date

Each Sash is $22

Please Enter Your Color Requests and Sash Information
at the very end of your CheckOut Proccess. Or You Can Email Me Directly with Your Details

Additional Information:

Baby Socks are Embroidered on White Socks Only
Most Embroidery for Onesies & Blankets will be designed on solid colored baby items,
while Baby Bibs & Burp Cloths will be embroidered on white items.
Depending upon what I may have in stock and the time frame in which you need your
embroidery, colored baby items may be requested.

You can purchase any embroidery item and have it placed on or with your
other purchased baby gifts & diaper cakes/wreaths
by Baby Love Diaper Cakes & Diaper Wreath Boutique
Any Embroidery can include the Baby's Name,
Birth Date and Weight/lbs. or any saying that you want.
Special themes, colors & patterns are be included at no extra charge.
Baby Themed Embroidery is Available on all Towel Gifts as well.

Please allow for 1-5 days for all embroidery.
Most Embroidery is designed immediately.

Embroidered Diaper Cakes    Embroidered Diaper Cakes

For ALL Embroidery, YOU have the Option of Choosing Your Own Theme & Colors!
No Request is Too Small, so Please Ask! 
I can even email you photos of patterns to see.
The Photo Gallery just gives you samples to see...
Any pattern can be changed to suit your colors!

Pricing for Towel Embroidery
Adult Sized Washcloth: $10.00
Tea Towel: $13.00
Kitchen/Hand Towel: $15.00
Large Sized Bath Towel: $18.00
Pair of Standard Size Pillow Cases: $20.00

Custom Towel Embroidery

Names for Embroidery
Colors or Theme

Additional Information:

All Towels Can Be Embroidered with Your Specific Towel Color Request
Towel Embroidery Can Be Designed with Your Special Colors, Themes
Including Wedding Dates, Baby Themes, Anniversary and Much More!
Please Ask for Your Special Request!

Please allow for 1-5 days for all embroidery. 
Most Embroidery is designed immediately.

Bridal Shower Gifts  Custom Towel Embroidery

Wedding Towel Gifts    Bridal Shower Embroidery

Click Here for Embroidery Photo Gallery

Custom Embroidered Diaper Cakes: Have your baby shower cakes designed with customized embroidered baby items.
These cake gifts include personalized bibs, onesies, baby blankets, baby socks and burp cloths.
Have any of my baby cake products personalized or embroidered with your baby's name, birth announcement and theme!
A wonderful way to specialize your baby shower cakes or baby gift baskets.

Custom Unique Elegant Diaper Cakes are designed in various cake tier sizes for many themed baby showers.
Have your shower cake designed with your special theme and specific budget in mind.
Don't give the Mommy-To-Be a gift wrapped box,
Instead give her something she will ALWAYS remember!

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