This Thing 1 Thing 2
Twins Diaper Cake Includes

120 Pampers Swaddlers Diapers
(Size 1-2, up to 15 lbs.)
1-Thing 1 Red Onesie
by Dr. Seuss (Size 9 months)
1-Thing 2 Red Onesie
by Dr. Seuss (Size 9 months)
1-Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Themed Rattle ToyThing 2 Taggee Blanket
1-Custom Hand Made Thing 1
Thing 2 Baby Burp Cloth
1-Custom Hand Made Thing 1
Thing 2 Baby Washcloths
(All of These Products are Made
from Matching Thing 1 Thing 2 Material)
1-Custom Embroidered Thing 1 Baby Bib
1-Custom Embroidered Thing 2 Baby Bib
2-Red Baby Pacifiers by Luvs
2-Red Chainlink Teethers by NUBY
2-Washcloth Lollipops (2 White Baby Baby Washcloths along with 2 Yellow Baby Spoons)
2-Washcloth Lollipops (2 Teal Colored Baby Washcloths along with 2 Red Baby Forks)
1-Johnson & Johnson Baby Kit (Baby Shampoo, Baby Powder, Baby Lotion, Head to Toe Baby Wash & Desitin Diaper Rash Ointment)
1-Recipe Card

All Baby Items are Brand New and Completely Usable once the diaper cake is disassembled.
I take pride in making sure all my diaper cakes are of the highest quality and include as many themed baby items as possible.
My diaper cakes are very uniquely detailed
and quite different from the rest!

If you have any questions about anything at all, please feel free to ask! I am here to make sure you receive the best diaper cake possible!

Add Custom Embroidery to Any Gift or
Diaper Cake! Please See My New
Embroidery Page for Details!
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Baby Neutral Diaper Cakes

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Thing 1 Thing 2 Diaper Cake
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